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"An adventurer is only defined by the legacy he leaves behind."

When the land of Lucitia is overwhelmed by monsters, the people are helpless and the capital falls overnight. An unlikely hero appears in the form of Frederick, a coward who had hid during the fall of Lucitia and whom now feels the need to get revenge.

Take control of Frederick and his allies and battle to take back the overwhelmed lands to help bring peace back to Lucitia.

An Adventurer's Legacy is a tactical turn-based battle system tech demo which I aim to one day turn into a fully fledged TRPG. Inspired by games such as Fire Emblem, this game aims to evoke impactful decision-making.

Features include:

  • Permadeath
  • Unit Selection
  • Five Classes
  • Stamina and Exhaustion

This is currently a work-in-progress. The aim for this project is for it to become a full-fledged TRPG by incorporating new mechanics such as:

  • An Inventory System
  • A home base (to rest, upgrade weapons etc)
  • An in-depth story to build upon the initial storyline



Character and Environment art:

FinalBossBlues : https://finalbossblues.itch.io/

UI art:

Craftpix : https://craftpix.net/


Spell sound effects:

Sam-Dutton Taylor

Audio Alchemist : https://audio-alchemist.itch.io/

UI sound effects:

SoupTonic : https://souptonic.itch.io/ 

Voice Sound Effects::

Super Dialogue Audio Pack (https://dillonbecker.itch.io/sdap) by Dillon Becker (https://dillonbecker.com/). This work is licensed under CC BY 4.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

Background Music:

Music by JP Soundworks (https://www.youtube.com/c/JPSoundworks/)

To access the project:

  1. Download the zip file below.
  2. Extract the files.
  3. Double click on "An Adventurer's Legacy".


An Adventurer's Legacy.zip 37 MB